Target selection of classical pulsating variables for space-based photometry

Authors. E. Plachy, L. Molnár, R. Szabó, K. Kolenberg, E. Bányai

Journal. Communications from the Konkoly Observatory, Vol. 105

Abstract. In a few years the Kepler and TESS missions will provide ultra- precise photometry for thousands of RR Lyrae and hundreds of Cepheid stars. In the extended Kepler mission all targets are proposed in the Guest Observer (GO) Program, while the TESS space telescope will work with full frame images and a ~15-16th mag brightness limit with the possibility of short cadence measurements for a limited number of pre-selected objects. This paper highlights some details of the enormous and important work of the target selection process made by the members of Working Group 7 (WG#7) of the Kepler and TESS Asteroseismic Science Consortium.

Links. NASA ADS, arXiv