Patterns, an efficient way to analyse the p-mode content in rapidly rotating stars

Authors. A. García Hernández, F. Lignières, L. Balona, D. R. Reese, M. J. P. F. G. Monteiro, J. C. Suárez and J. Ballot

Journal.  EPJ Web of Conferences

Abstract. High precision photometric observations from space has led to the detection of hundreds of frequencies in the light curves of δ Scuti pulsators. In this work, we analyzed a sample of Kepler δ Sct stars to search for frequency patterns in the p-mode regime. To avoid g-modes, we looked at the mode density histogram (MDH). We then used the Fourier transform technique (FT), histograms of frequency differences (HFD) and Echelle diagrams (ED) to find periodicities in the frequency content. We compared the results with those expected for SCF rotating models [4] with the aim of identifying large separations and rotational splittings.