Outreach Activities

The spread of education and the increase of enthusiasm for science is one of the main aims of SpaceInn, with a special focus for school students and teachers. The main activities and tools  used, in order to achieve this goal, are:

• Hands-on activities in schools and in the research centres of the participants.
• Open days at the installations of the institutions involved in the project.
• Participation in European and international outreach initiatives such as the “International Sun-Earth Day” (ESA and NASA), “European Week of the Science” (EU), etc.

A list of such activities implemented by the Team members, namely some of the actions focus on outreach and disseminations to schools and the public in general, on science topics associated with the project, are listed here.


  1. “Debate sobre o espaço em Portugal”, Festival Europeu de Documentário Científico de Lisboa, Margarida Cunha, 2016/12/02
  2. “A música das Estrelas”, article published in the magazine Visão Junior (pp 42-43), 2016/11
  3. “Sismologia do Sol e das estrelas distantes discutida nos Açores”, press release on the SPACEINN conference, 2016/07/11
  4. “Sons do Cosmos”, radio interview for programa Rádio Fluxos by Carlo Patrão da Antena 2, Mário Monteiro, 2016/06/26
  5. “90 Segundos de Ciência”, rádio interview for RTP, 2016
  6. “Johannes Kepler, Music of the Spheres”, Donald Kurtz, BBC TV2 (broadcast in 2015), 2015/11/25
  7. “Le coeur magnétique des géantes rouges”, CEA press release related to a Science article, Rafael Garcia, 2015/10/25
  8. “IAC Investiga – Física Solar” (video of the IAC), including helioseismology, Pere Pallé & Teodoro Roca, 2015/07/31
  9. Radio interview (Mézrádió, Veszprém, Hungary), Róbert Szabó, 2014/04
  10. TV interview at Porto Canal, for program “Mentes que Brilham” by Cláudia Fonseca, Mário Monteiro, 2014/04/01
  11. Astronoticia, a web report describing the outcome of the first year of activities of the SPACEINN project for a wider audience (in Portuguese)
  12. Outreach press-release published by INAF, based on the Science paper. The material is available online.
  13. Variable Stars with the Kepler Space Telescope, L. Molnár, R. Szabó, E. Plachy:
article published in JAAVSO, 44, 2, 2016
  14. etc

Hands-on and Other initiatives:

  1. “Ignite IAstro”, tour around the country with short presentations on several topics, including stars and the sun, Mário Monteiro & Margarida Cunha & Angela Santos & Paola Quitral, 2016 (several editions)
  2. “Summer Camp on Helio and Asteroseismology”, Pere Pallé & Antonio Eff-Darwich, El Teide Observatory – Tenerife, 2015/07
  3. “L’Odyssée de la Lumière”, CEA contributed with two videos, Rafael Garcia, 2015/03/19
  4. “Open Doors: visits at the hosted Helio (BiSON, GONG) and Asteroseismology (SONG) facilities”, Obsertvatorio del Teide – Tenerife, June-July every year
  5. “Helio and Asteroseismology: From resonant tubes to spheres”, an exhibition module to study waves and show at schools, IAC, Pere Pallé & Antonio Eff-Darwich, 2015
  6. “SolarLab”, IAC project to visit all islands (for teachers and students), IAC, Pere Pallé & Antonio Eff-Darwich, 2015
  7. ASTROKIDS – Public activities in bookshops, “The colors of the Sun”, Maria Pia di Mauro,  2014
  8. “The colors of the Sun and the light”, Maria Pia di Mauro, Week of Science and Research’s Night, Frascati Scienza Association, 2014 and 2015
  9. etc

Booklets and others:

Public Talks:

Only some representative public talks are listed. Many more have been presented over the full period of the project by the researchers involved in the project.

Portugal e o Espaço: A aventura científica na ESAMário MonteiroColégio de Ermesinde, Valongo2016/10/18Portugal
Asteroseismology and SONGHans KjeldsenPublic Talk2016/10/04Denmark
Outras Terras no UniversoPedro FigueiraSPACEINN School, Biblioteca Pública e Arquivo Regional, Faial - Açores2016/07/21Portugal
Portugal e o Espaço: A aventura científica na ESAMário MonteiroIntegrated in the SPACEINN Conference, Universidade dos Açores, Angra do Heroísmo/Terceira2016/07/12Portugal
The Sun: Inside and OutWilliam ChaplinCheltenham Science Festival2016/06/10United Kingdom
Stars, Planets and the UniverseHans KjeldsenUpper Secondary school2016/04/29Denmark
The Sun and Space ClimateMaria Pia di MauroCircolo of Banca
Alla scoperta delle stelleMonica RainerSoroptimist
New results from Kepler/K2 and future prospects for TESS and PLATOWilliam ChaplinHeart of England Astronomical Society, Coleshill2015/11/26United Kingdom
Astroquímica das EstrelasMário MonteiroEscola Profissional de Felgueiras2015/10/09Portugal
Basic science - astronomy from spaceRobert SzabóMANT Space Academy for young researchers and stakeholders2015/08/08Hungary
La música de las Estrellas: Desde el sol ao corazón de las gicantes rojasRafael GarciaReal Sociedad Económica de amigos del Pais de Tenerife, La Laguna2015/05/18Spain
Stars and PlanetsHans KjeldsenPublic lecture2015/05/07Denmark
AsteroseismologyDonald KurtzHebden Bridge Astronomical Society, Yorkshire2015/02/11United Kingdom
Astroquímica das EstrelasMário MonteiroEscola Secundária Padre Benjamim Salgado, Famalicão2015/01/08Portugal
Asteroseismology: A New Keplerian RevolutionDonald KurtzCambridge University Astronomical Society2014/11/10United Kingdom
New insight into Stellar Properties from Kepler AsteroseismologyJørgen Christensen-DalsgaardPublic lecture2014/10/02Denmark
Space telescopes discoveries - Hungarian participation in the Kepler programRobert SzabóResearchers Night, Budapest Planetarium2014/09/26Hungary
Agência Espacial Europeia: Novos desafios nas Ciências do EspaçoMário MonteiroEtapa Regional das Olimp ́ıadas Nacionais de F ́ısica 2014, Porto2014/05/03Portugal
Using Sound to Image the Interiors of StarsWilliam ChaplinSouth Cheshire College, Crewe2014/03/03United Kingdom
Astroquímica: Do Big Bang às EstrelasMário MonteiroDia Aberto do Departamento de Física e Astronomia, Porto2014/02/13Portugal
GAIA e la misura dell'UniversoMonica RainerBiblioteca Berio di Genova2014/01/24Italy
Music of the StarsWilliam ChaplinAssociation for Science Education Conference, Birmingham2014/01/10United Kingdom
Sounding Stars and the Search for New PlanetsWilliam ChaplinCastle Rushen High School, Birmingham2013/12/05United Kingdom
Precise Photometry from Space - AsteroseismologyRobert SzabóAmateur Variable Star, Observers' annual meeting2013/10/05Hungary
Songs of the Stars, the real Music of the SpheresDonald KurtzInternational Astronomical Union Symposium 301 invited public talk2013/08/22Poland
Our Sun and the Billions of Stars in the Milky WayJørgen Christensen-DalsgaardPublic lecture2013/08/07Denmark
A Química das EstrelasMário MonteiroDia Aberto do Departamento de Física e Astronomia, Porto2013/02/15Portugal
SONG and KeplerHans KjeldsenHigh School Talk2013/01/29Denmark

Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology