One of the main aims of SpaceInn is enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of the European scientific community, by promoting the use of space assets to build scientific and technological knowledge on Helioseismology and Asteroseismology. This will be achieved through mobilising the best expertise, in particular academic researchers and scientists involved in the analysis and interpretation and presentation of space data, in the training, outreach and dissemination of the data and tools made available to support the scientific exploitation of existing space and ground data.

As such there are within the range of the SpaceInn project we aim to actively achieve the following tasks:

• The dissemination of results of SpaceInn (techniques and methodology)
• Obtain a strong involvement of the research groups active in this research area in the efforts of the SpaceInn project
• Motivate an active involvement of researchers into the SpaceInn research activities
• Share and train researchers on the use of data and innovative tools to combine data sets from different origins
• Achieve reference publications on available data and guides/training materials
• Submit publications and communications of results, establishing an archive of documentation and support material that facilitates the access to data by the scientific community
• Generate an increasing interest of the scientific community and related space agencies, and industry for the scientific exploitation based on the products or services developed by SpaceInn

This dissemination effort is expected to add value to space missions observations by significantly contributing to the spread of information necessary for an effective scientific use of collected data. This is achieved by enabling space researchers at large to take full advantage of the potential value of data sets. Therefore, the tasks organized will focus on expanding the use of data and contribute to dissemination of space mission data and analysis tools on a global scale.

The SpaceInn poster can also be downloaded in order to get a broader overview of the project.

A brochure of the project has also been produced by the European Commission detailing the goals and aims of SpaceInn.

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Work Package leader: Mário J. P. F. G. Monteiro

Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology