WP5.2 Asteroseismology – Heat-driven Oscillators

The deliverables of the work package WP5.2 Asteroseismology – Heat-driven Oscillators:

NumberTitleLead instituteDocument / Data / Website / Deliverable
D5.5Fully validated software packageKU Leuven
D5.6Inclusion of spectroscopic informationKU Leuven Grid Search in Stellar Parameters (GSSP) software package

D5.7Inclusion of the theory of tidally excited oscillation modesKU Leuven
D5.8New models of single main sequence stars and sub-dwarf starsKU Leuven
D5.9New generation of 2D models for
moderate to fast rotators
KU Leuven

Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology