Near Surface Tool for Solar-Like Oscillators (D5.2)

This software tool constitutes SpaceInn deliverable D5.2.

WP5.2 has delivered a software tool to calculate solar-like oscillation frequencies for 3-D model atmospheres “patched” to 1-D stellar interiors models. Here, the challenge is to better understand the unwanted contamination (in the context of stellar properties estimation) of the mode frequencies due to the hard-to-model surface layers.

We have published a public-limited version of the TOP code through Github, which deals with the 1-D oscillation problem. TOP is a very modular code for solving stellar oscillation problems.

A key innovation is the way the equations to be solved are written by the user in the input file. The format is extremely flexible and intuitive and it is very easy for the user to modify and include additional physics (i.e. extra equations). The core code is in FORTRAN, with a user interface in python. This includes a module that is able to patch an atmosphere including turbulent pressure term, such as from 3-D models, to a 1-D internal structure model; the eigenfrequencies of the composite model are then computed.

The codes and full documentation are available on Github at:

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