Statistical tools to combine the helioseismic instruments (D4.6)

  • How did this work help to improve the time series?
    • By adding BiSON data in the GOLF series to fill the big gaps in the GOLF data (3 months and 1 month in 1998 and 1999) we reduce the effect of the window function improving the SNR.
  • What is the service to the research community that was done with this deliverable?
    • We have provided a new set of time series improving the standard release
  • How and where are the series made available to the SpaceInn community?
    • Through this page and a mirror at the CEA.
  • How can the series be further used by the helio- and asteroseismology community in Europe?
    • By keeping them freely available through this website, the scientist in Europe and all over the world can work with the best time series ever produced so far to study the global oscillations of the Sun in velocity since 1996 till November 2016.

The document describing the deliverable: PDF

The IDL program to merge GOLF and BiSON data: D4.6 

You need local copies of the GOLF and the BiSON data for this.
They are available here:

To calculate the joint probability of two different results, arising from the fitting of solar p modes in two different but contemporaneous datasets, use this software (includes documentation):


Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology