Simulated Data (D4.8)


1. Spherical-shell simulations of magnetoconvection

NamesLink/Contact personComments and References
ASH (anelastic spherical harmonic) simulationwebsite

Contact: S. Brun (CEA)
3D anelastic HD and MHD simulations, shell up to 0.98 Rsun, full sphere (r=0) now possible.
Data available on demand (Any of Sacha Brun's 2-D or 3-D data are available on demand, HD or MHD).
Contact Sacha Brun.
e.g.,Brun, Miesch & Toomre 2004 ApJ
more reference info

Johannes Wicht

Thomas Gastine

Ankit Barik
Anelastic stellar simulation.
Availability: Can be used, modified and redistributed under the terms of the GPL v3 licence (see here )
References: (see the website for more details)
e.g., Wicht 2002 Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors , Gastine and Wicht 2012 Icarus
Charbonneau (Universite de Montreal
Global MHD simulation of convection zone (Anelastic simulation).
e.g. Cossette, Charbonneau, Smolarkiewicz 2013, ApJL
(AMR Magnetohydrodynamics code
with Technique of RSS for Astro-
and Solar physics)
Hotta (Chiba Univ.)

M. Rempel (HAO)
Simulation with reduced sound speed.
e.g., Hotta 2012 A&A
Pencil Codewebsite

Petri Käpylä (Univ. of Helsinki)

Jörn Warnecke (MPS)

Axel Brandenburg (NORDITA)
Compressible HD and MHD simulations in spherical wedges where polar regions are omitted. Also possible to add a coronal layer.
Availability: Open source licensed under GPL3, freely expandable (
Data available on demand, please contact Petri Käpylä
e.g. Käpylä et al. 2011, Käpylä et al. 2012, Käpylä et al. 2013, Warnecke et al. 2013

2. Numerical Simulations of linear waves/modes in complex media

NamesLink/Contact personAvailability
SPARC and Glasswebsite

Contact: S. Hanasoge

E. Papini (MPS)
SPARC : Linear HD, plane-parallel geometry
Glass : Linear HD, 3D spherical geometry - full sphere
SPARC codes can be downloaded from the website
SLiM (Semi-spectral Linear MHD) codeInternal Link

Contact: R.Cameron (MPS)

H. Schunker (MPS)
Simulation of wave propagation through an inhomogeneous, magnetised solar atmosphere
Cameron et al. 2007 AN
Older version is available on the web. For newer version contact Cameron.
IAC MHD Mancha codewebsite

Contact: T. Felipe(NWRA)

E. Khomenko(IAC)
The current working version of the code is 2.5D/3D magnetohydrodynamical code with hyper diffusion algorithms and Cartesian grid written in Fortran 90 (2.5D means that all vector quantities are in three dimensions, while the derivatives are only done in two dimensions).
Contact Felipe or Khomenko for current version data.
Newer version will be available at the webapge around later 2014.
SAC codeSheffield groupReference:
Shelyag et al. 2008 A&A, Shelyag et al. 2009 A&A
Pencil Codewebsite
Axel Brandenburg (NORDITA)
Codes for high-order finite-difference code for compressible hydrodynamic flows with magnetic fields.
open, extendable code
Artificial helioseismology data by Thomas Hartlepwebsite
Thomas Hartlep (see website)
Numerical simulations of helioseismic oscillations in a 3D full sphere Sun. Several datasets with different setups are available.
Datasets are downloadable from the website
Artificial helioseismology data by K. ParchevskyContact: K. Parchevsky3D simulation of acoustic waves in the solar upper convection zone.
e.g., Parchevsky & Kosovichev 2007 ApJ

3. Box simulations of compressible magnetoconvection

NamesLink/Contact personComments

Contact: M. Rempel (HAO)

R. Cameron (MPS)
3D MHD simulation including radiative transfer
Reference: Voegler et al. 2005 A&A

Will be open on their website Currently no documents for users yet.
Some snapshots and shorter time series (1-2hr) are available at MPS. For this, contact R. Cameron.
For sunspot data and longer (1day - ) data, contact M. Rempel.

Contact: Bob Stein (Michigan State Univ.)
3D MHD convection simulation.

Reference:e.g., Stein et al. 2009 AIPC, Stein et al.2009 ASPC, Stein 2012 LRSP

Some datacubes are available on the website.
Selected datacubes (96Mmx96Mmx20Mm, ~5hr) of Quiet Sun (with weak magnetic field) are available at MPS. For this, contact: K. Nagashima (MPS)

BifrostResearch Group in OsloStellar atmosphere simulation from the convection zone to the upper atmosphere (corona).

Reference: Gudikson et al. 2011, A&A
CO5BOLDwebsite3D radiative hydrodynamics simulation

Reference: Freytaget al. 2012 ; Nutto, Steiner, Roth 2012 A&A
Pencil Codewebsite

Contact persons:
Petri Käpylä (Univ. of Helsinki)

Axel Brandenburg (NORDITA)
Codes are open and extendable

Käpylä et al. 2008, Käpylä et al. 2009

Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology