Semi-spectral Linear MHD (SLiM)

example_output300This version of the Semi Spectral Linear MHD code propagates a wave packet (f, p1, p2 etc) through a box (145 Mm x 145 Mm x 12 Mm) in the horizontal direction of near surface solar atmosphere. The atmosphere may contain anomalies such as sunspots, or flows. The code calculates the derivatives spectrally in horizontal space, finite difference method in depth and using a Lax-Wendroff scheme in time.

If you use this code and/or its results, please contact schunker [at], for the appropriate acknowledgement.

SLiM: a code for the simulation of wave propagation through an inhomogeneous, magnetised solar atmosphere, 2007, Cameron, Gizon & Daiaffallah, Astronomische Nachrichten, 328, 313


SLiMv0.1 package

Libraries you may need.

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