Stellar Seismic Indices data base

SSIThe Stellar Seismic Indices (SSI) data base contains stellar seismic indices of solar-like oscillating stars as well as characteristic parameters of stellar granulation. The indices populating the current data base were extracted from about 13,000 Kepler and 5,000 CoRoT red-giant stars using an automatic analysis pipeline.

Thanks to CoRoT (CNES) and Kepler (NASA) seismic observations, it is now possible to detect many solar-like oscillations in a very high number of stars. The observed oscillation spectra can be quite complicate to analyse and interpret. Nevertheless, these spectra show characteristic pattern, which can be more simply characterized with that we call stellar seismic indices. More specifically, the stellar seismic indices correspond to characteristic global seismic numbers that are extracted from the oscillation spectra of solar-like pulsating stars.

You get to the Stellar Seismic Indices data base by following this link.

Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology