Analysis tools for solar-like oscillators

The tools

  • InversionKit: a software for carrying out various types of 1D inversions (rotation and structure) as well as inversions for integrated quantities.
  • AIMS: a software for obtaining stellar parameters and confidence intervals, using classical and seismic constraints.
  • InterpolateModel: a software for interpolating the acoustic structure between multiple models.
  • InversionPipeline: a software for carrying out inversions by automatically selecting reference models from grid(s) of models.
  • NonLinearKit: this is a somewhat experimental non-linear stellar structural inversion tool provided on an as-is basis.


Some of the above tools may be used in conjunction. Accordingly, we propose the following work flow:

  • Use AIMS to calculate a representative set of models for a given set of seismic and classical constraints. Each model from this set will typically result from interpolation in a grid of models, and will accordingly be described as a linear combination of models. AIMS provides the relevant model names and interpolation coefficients in one of its output models. Given the time it takes to carry out the next two steps, one will take a sub-sample of the models produced by AIMS (typically with 100 models or so).
  • Use InterpolateModel to combine the above models and find their acoustic structure using the above list produced by AIMS.
  • The above set of interpolated models can then be fed into InversionPipeline, thereby allowing a systematic application of inverse methods.

Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology