How to…

… add a publication to the feed or the list of publications:

Copy the content of the post “Template for Publications”. Crate a new post and paste it there. Fill in all the required information. Check the Publication option in the right sidebar. Add the links to the journal, NASA ADS and the arXiv-preprint server if available. To add the link do the following:
Write the text you want to link. Then mark the text and click on the “Insert/Edit link” button and insert the URL that you want to link to. Done.

… add important news to the showcase on the front page:

Add the “Featured” tag to the post you want to be presented there.

… add a job offer:

Just fill out the prepared form under Resources->Vacancies->Add new job offer. It will then be reviewed and eventually put online.

… add information to any of the pages:

Go to “Pages” and look for the page you want to change. If you want to add a new page that is supposed to be in the header menu, create the page and its content. Then ask the admin to put the page in the correct place in the header menu.

… make confidential deliverables and documents accessible to members of the SpaceInn consortium:

Send a mail with the content to the site admin.

… upload files which are too large for WordPress to handle:

This should not occur anymore. The maximum size for files is now 250MB. Contact the admin if your file exceeds this size.

… suggest any improvement/addition/change to this site: Just send an email to the site admin!


Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology